For Entrance in Fall 2014 Date(s) Remarks
Internet Application Jul.1(Tue) – Jul.11(Fri), 2014 Only through HNU
Submission of Documents Jul.1(Mon) – Jul.11(Fri), 2014 By mail or by hand to the   admission team
Evaluation & Interview Jul. 22(Thu), 2014 (10:00~) Face-to-face or by Internet screening interview
Admission Notification Jul. 29(Tue), 2014 (15:00~)
Issuance of Admission Letter Jul. 29(Tue), 2014 (15:00~) For international applicants who need to get a student visa
Payment of tuition fees Aug. 6-8, 2014 Wire transfer acceptable(KB Bank)
Processing of Student Visa
Pre-Semester Arrival Individual
Fall SemesterClasses Beginning Sep.1(Mon), 2014

Note :

* The LSGB admission committee will evaluate the applicant’s qualifications. The applicant’s academic and immigration records, as well as certifications and interview responses, will be taken into account.

* The schedule has been designed to accommodate international students with different academic calendars.



For the purpose of university admission, international applicants must have graduated from high school and both parents must be non-Korean nationals. If the applicant and/or the parent(s) are Korean nationals, the applicant must have received his or her entire primary and secondary (elementary, middle school and high school) education outside of Korea.

The LSGB office will consider the academic system in the applicant’s home country in making its decision on admission.



850 213 80 6.0 700

* The English requirement is waived for students from English-speaking countries and graduates of English-based international schools. If the applicant graduated from an English-based international school, then the applicant must provide documentation and/or a letter from the educational institute that all coursework was conducted in English.

* If applicant cannot submit TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS/TEPS scores, he or she may substitute this requirement with a face-to-face interview or Internet screening interview.

4. SELECTION: Based on qualifications & interviews



Documents All Applicants
General Forms
1 Application Form O
2 Personal Statement O
3 Educational History O
Academic Verification Documents
4 High School Diploma※Note: If the applicant graduated from a school in China, please submit Credentials Report issued by the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center at The documents should be accompanied by a notarized English or Korean translation. O
5 Official Transcript from High School O
6 Letter of Consent O
Verification Form (with relevant sections filled out and signed by student) O
7 Proof of TOEFL iBT score of 80+ or equivalent score on CBT/TOEIC/IELTS/TEPS. Scores should be no more than two years old. O
8 Financial Verification Documents O
  1. Certificate of bank balance of over US$12,000 in applicant’s name or name of family member, deposited at least one month from the point of the issue date of the acceptance letter.
  2. If the bank account carries the name of the applicant’s family member, documentation should be provided certifying that the applicant is a member of that family.
9 Certificate of Identity: birth certificate, family register, etc.(Copies of household register and residence card for Chinese students only) O
10 Certificate of the Facts Concerning the Entry & Exit, as issued by the Korean Immigration Bureau O
For Non-Korean Applicants Residing in Korea
11 One Copy of Alien Registration Card O

All documents submitted for admission must be ORIGINALS. Diplomas and official transcripts must be original copies with apostille attached. Alternatively, diplomas and official transcripts can be verified by the applicant’s local Korean consulate. An overseas Korean school recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology is exempt from the additional confirmation requirement described above.

All documents submitted must be in either English or Korean. Documents in any other languages must have a notarized translation attached.

If the applicants graduated from a school in China, please submit Credentials Report issued by the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center at The documents should be accompanied by a notarized English or Korean translation.

The applicants who need to submit the certificate of registration from college.

– The applicants graduated from a 10th grade school system must complete two year         college and submit the certification of the course.

– The applicants graduated from a 11th grade school system must complete one year       college and submit the certification of the course. (The applicants from New zealand is     required to complete the Foundation course or A-LEVEL)

– The applicants graduated in March from Japanese school must submit the expected         graduate certificate upon in the college-admission process and should submit the           graduation certificate in March after entrance.

The applicants who admit the overseas school while they are attending domestic middle, high school must submit middle or high school record.

Important Notes for Apostille

The Apostille ensures that public documents issued in one signatory country will be recognized as valid in another signatory country. If applicants are from the signatory states, they can get an apostille from a designated Competent Authority. If applicants are not from the signatory states, they instead need to submit the academic documents authenticated by consular legalization stamps.(For more information about “Apostille”, please visit the Apostille Section in

Important Notes for English Proficiency Test Score Report

A sealed score report from a recognized English Proficiency Test should be sent to us directly before the deadline. For the TOEFL score report, the official ETS code for Hannam University is 8292. In case of online score reporting, please notify us within 2 days after you request it.

The university reserves the right to request additional documents from individual applicants for the purpose of clarifying eligibility or verifying the authenticity of submitted materials.

Applications and other admission-related forms may be downloaded from the Hannam University web site. (,


(1) Evaluation

* Evaluation for admission will be conducted by Hannam University and the Linton Global College Admissions Assessment Committee pursuant to the admission procedures and regulations of Hannam University.


* Evaluation of an applicant’s application packet will be conducted continuously and collectively during the admission process through review and verification of academic records, immigration-related documents, and various certifications. Notification of the results will be carried out by the Office of Admission and by LGC on an individual basis.


* Incomplete application materials or failure to pass the interview will result in cancellation of admission.

* Admission evaluation scores and contents will not be disclosed.

* Interviews are required to receive testing for fluency in English as required for studies at LGC.


(2) Transfer Credits

* Hannam University accepts up to 70 credits that includes a maximum of 15 major credits.


(3) Dishonesty Policy

* If a student who has been granted admission is found to be guilty of submitting false/forged documents and/or of altering representation of eligibility as by employing a substitute during examination, admission will be cancelled automatically, even after the letter of acceptance has been sent out or after class registration has been completed.

* For students who are attending schools in Korea, admission will be denied/cancelled if any part of the transcript submitted differs from the transcript provided by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


(4) Emergency

Accurate contact information (mobile phone number or email address) for the applicant and his/her legal guardian is required in case of emergency.


(5) Personal Interview / Internet Screening Interview

Interview arrangements will be made after all documents have been received and processed.


(6) Miscellaneous

* Applicants applying to more than one university in Korea should register at only one. Multiple registrations will result in automatic cancellation by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


* If a name(s) other than the one on the current application is used, the applicant must provide proof to verify the use of the alternate name(s).

* Documents submitted to the Office of Admissions and Public Relations cannot be altered after submission and will not be returned to applicants.


Please send all documents to :Linton School of Global Business, Hannam University133 Ojeong-dong, Daedeok-guDaejeon, South Korea 306-791Fax: 82-42-629-8485 / Tel.: 82-42-629-8500

 TUITION & FEES (Tentative)

(1) Application Fee : 85,000 KRW (5,000 KRW commission included)

The application fee is non-refundable.

(2) One-Time Admission Fee : 721,050 KRW

International students are not required to pay the admission fee.

(3) Tuition : 3,757,100 KRW per semester

International students receive 50% off their tuition during their first semester.

(4) Dormitory Fee : Approximately 550,000 KRW per semester

(5) Food & Personal Expenses

* Vary according to student, but generally amount to 1,500,000-2,500,000 KRW per semester.

* All costs quoted in Korean Won based on 2012 estimates.

For current currency conversion rates, please visit



(1) Admission Scholarship:

– Waiver of admission fee

– 50% Off Tuition provided

(2) Academic Scholarship (beginning with the 2nd semester)

GPA 4.00 or higher : 100% tuition provided

GPA 3.50 ~ less than 4.00 : 50% tuition provided

GPA 2.50 ~ less than 3.50 : 30% tuition provided

(3) Other scholarships available


Office Contacts
Admission Coordinator of Linton School of Global Business Ms. Namhee Yoo. Tel.: +82-42-629-8500E-mail: